What is an Ionic Foot Bath?


    “... ionSpa is the only ionic footbath on the market able to maintain full ionization throughout the session. All others fade as the session progresses because they are unable to adjust as the bath begins to resist ionization. All of the “low price” units are barely able to reach even basic ionization while many do

According to the manufacturer:


not actually ionize at all! Even the “over priced” units quickly fade below the minimum levels needed long before the end of the session.”

What is an ionic foot bath?

    “Have you ever walked along the shores of the ocean with the water lapping at your ankles? Recall the feeling of water flowing over your feet, naturally creating negative ions and causing you to feel refreshed and energized. Maybe you have experienced a dip in a thermal bath at a hot spring; again, experiencing the effects of negative ionization.”

    “ionSpa recreates the naturally rich ion settings that are essential to regaining and restoring the body's balance and energy. ionSpa creates a high concentration of negative hydrogen ions. Ions are involved in nearly every vital process.  The modern Western diet significantly lacks these necessary elements. ionSpa creates an environment that is rich in essential ions found naturally in fresh raw foods.”

What does our ionic foot bath do?

    “ionSpa produces high concentrations of negative hydrogen ions. These act as both an energy carrier and a high-­powered antioxidant in the human body. ionSpa allows for a large uptake of negative ions into the coenzyme NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide). This combination creates active NADH, the essential coenzyme of all cellular regeneration and reproduction.”

    “The elevated availability of active NADH is reported to be directly associated with:

    Increase in energy and physical stamina

    Improved circulation

    Relieved tension

    Better sleep patterns

    Enhanced recovery from strenuous activity

    “Due to poor diet, high stress and our environment, we tend to accumulate more toxins than our bodies can effectively process. ionSpa sessions will support any cleansing modality and may even reduce the discomfort associated with rapid detoxification. Repeated sessions are recommended to improve results.”

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