What is Electro Lymphatic Therapy?


    “The Light Beam Generator (LBG) when used as a method of maintaining wellness, assists in restoring the natural polarity of our electromagnetic signature, which is essential for an optimum health-protecting response. The LBG helps the body in the following ways:

    Aids in properly restoring lymphatic drainage. Rapid

        movement of waste material within the cells can occur, which

        greatly increase the delivery of waste material to the organs

        responsible for elimination.

    Helps with the removal of unnatural additives in our food,

        including steroids that mimic hormones and attach to


    Delivers frequencies that are known to alter the energetic

        pattern of viruses, fungus, and bacteria; hence, limiting and

        inhibiting their development in the body.

    Restores life to stagnant lymph pathways, creating a

        protective barrier for disease.

    Assists in balancing the electromagnetic field within a few

        minutes, allowing the body to enter a tranquil state that can

        be felt from the very first use.

How does Electro Lymphatic Therapy work?

    “When the lymphatic fluid backs up because of a blockage,

pressure builds in the lymph capillary of the cell bed resulting in the whole system becoming toxic due to a lack of waste disposal.”

    “This toxicity prevents the cells from getting the necessary

nutrients. Under these conditions, the cells lose metabolic

efficiency and fail to do their job. If enough cells are in this state, degenerative conditions are free to develop and sometimes fail to respond to treatment.”

    “Detoxification is a vital part of any healing process because it re-establishes free lymphatic circulation throughout the body. Lack of attention to it can cause death. Autopsies have supported these findings. Only a detoxified body has power, resistance, and a potential for healing. Most lymphatic detoxification treatments have serious limitations and are usually temporary in their effects.”

    “However, using cold gas ionization produced by the LBG, lymphatic therapy becomes a powerful and viable alternative. With the LBG, lymphatic congestion and blockages are charged with incoherent light, which breaks up the congestion by allowing molecules to repel each other. Therefore, trapped blood protein clusters are broken up and unobstructed lymphatic flow is re- established. Clearing the lymphatic system significantly enhances the efficiency of the body to deal with pathological conditions.”

    “Cold gas ionization lymphatic therapy enhances healing. By restoring the proper function of the lymphatic system in combination with other treatment procedures, the body’s natural healing abilities can be greatly enhanced. In addition, use of the LBG is preventive health maintenance and an ongoing health program cannot be overemphasized.”

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    “As we involuntarily surround ourselves with toxic elements in our air, food, and water, cells in our lymphatic system clump together and bond electrically with water becoming unbalanced and overburdened. Such a problem results in pain and inflammation that contributes to various chronic diseases.”